What I’m doing now

Rise to the Rahz, my latest novel (in paperback or ebook) for fantasy readers who like puzzles and prison escapes.

“A cool mix of Wool, Red Rising, and Mistborn.” – Benjamin Wood

I had fun doing the  AMA on Reddit on June 27, 2018 where readers asked about Rise to the Rahz, and the ongoing Sound of Stone, which I’m releasing serially on Leanpub. For a shorter intro to this world, read Door to Mount Yona.

Maybe you’re a new writer like me. Do you want an ongoing journal of my creative process and short essays? Try this.

I also recently listened to this–a little cringe-worthy–podcast recorded 2.5 years ago (Jan 2016), when I spoke about my ambitions for fiction writing.

I’ve learned much since. And still learning, always.

Now I’m working on:

Now, I’m reading these books and preparing an outline for my next book, Eolian Dunes.

July 3, 2018