From the author of RISE TO THE RAHZ

The search for the fragment continues...

A spy sneaks aboard the roving citadel. He claims he wants to leave the dunes, but what is he really after?


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I wrote parts of RISE TO THE RAHZ shortly after competing in the 2014 USA Memory Championship, which Joshua Foer (Moonwalking with Einstein) had urged me to train for after hearing about my relative success in an international online memory competition for beginners on (In the USAMC 2014, I didn't do as well as Josh had in 2006, but I quite happily placed 9th in the Speed Cards event.) In the novel, the characters' mental abilities relate to my own contemplations and conversations with top mental athletes on how memories shape us, and how we shape our memories. It is also a small tribute to my grandmother who passed from complications of Alzheimer's before I could have a relationship with her.  

RISE TO THE RAHZ is a precursor to the already-written ENDURING COMPOSITIONS (87,000). Both are set in the same world as EOLIAN DUNES (75,000). These books relate to one another in a similar way to the relationship between China Miéville's Bas Lag novels: same intriguing world, different yet compelling stories. In my three novels, the stories loosely revolve around the Fragment Council's dispersing of parts of the Source for safekeeping, and other people discovering these entities by choice or chance.

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Meet the woman who discovers the stowaway spy.